🍒I am a HUGE advocate of toys. The pleasure gap enrages me and frustrates me. I live for the enhancement, celebration and empowerment of ‘female’ pleasure (excuse my gendered language here but I am exploring this in quite a binary way today). I also understand that a lot of this narrative is meant in a playful, fun way and is also used to optimise reactions and therefore sales. 💰

🍒 However I still think we need to move away from this narrative as I don’t think it is very s€x positive – I think it may be harmful to men AND women. It gives off really narrow messaging around pleasure, intimacy, connection, masculinity, performance, body parts and more.

🍒 Let’s celebrate toys because they are CLASS! And keep unhelpful comparisons out of the mix 🎂🥰

🍒 As with all of my content, this will not apply to every person and situation so please navigate with personal responsibility, love, kindness, patience, empathy and critical thinking ❤️