Carla’s Letter

TW: violence, rape, sexual assault.

Hi there beautiful, from your future self.

I see the upset, confusion, hurt, anger, deflation & heartbreaking pain you are enduring right now. I see how your view yourself – cause of problems, crazy, fat, ugly both inside and out, unwanted, useless, worthless, an annoyance and an absolute pain. Please stop, you are not any of those things that’s he made you feel and your future self now realises that! Your pretty amazing really!

It pains me to think of everything that I could warn you about and how much damage, pain and hurt I could spare you from the effects of just one horrible person. But if I could then please continue to read to know what I would say to you.

I wish I could warn you not to give him all those endless chances that you are going to give him. That part of you that believes he is going to change, is lying to you. He’ll falsely accuse you of cheating, that’s how the “relationship” ends. Spoiler alert – turns out he’s the one who cheated! You’ll realise in your next relationship which is let me tell you, amazing, that love is never meant to hurt nor is it ment to mentally & emotionally torture like he will do to you. Love doesn’t bring disrespect, distrust, hurt, sadness, insecurity, self doubt, lack of self worth, guilt trips & pain like he does. He will convince you that your emotional reactions to the abuse are the problem rather than the abuse itself, nothing will ever be his fault & he will never admit to being wrong. There will be silent treatment & neglect.

There will be so many times throughout this relationship where he will project blame for his choices and actions onto everyone else except for himself. At the beginning you will see red flags when he has an issue with you heading out with friends for a few drinks. It will end but not for long. He’ll draw you back in & will ask for another chance, you’ll tell him you aren’t so sure but he’ll win you over with his twisted lies of how his mother found a lump on her body & that he took his stress of that out on you heading out with your friends. He will lie continuously on this topic just so he can worm his way back into your life to continue too many long years of sick emotional, mental & at times physical torture on you.

You will be on a scary ride, a mental & emotional torture roller-coaster. But in time you will have a lucky escape & finally begin to see & understand that it isn’t and was never you, it was his him! The mind games will end, you’ll think that you aren’t a strong person but let me tell you the future you will think you are one hell of a strong person with the pain & hurt you are about to endure. The future you will believe that you are strong and powerful enough to deal with and get through whatever life will throw at you after dealing with this gaslighter & narcissist.

He will do some very hurtful things to you. He will express his love to another girl and he will be caught out in doing so by you. When you confront him he will make you feel like the one at fault. You will find out that he’s active on a dating website & not long after that you will again learn he has been active on another dating website. He will tell you it isn’t him & that someone is out to ruin yer relationship. But it is him, both times. Not anyone else. You will try to walk away from the nightmare of a relationship but you will back down and agree not to when he emotionally blackmails you by threatening to end his life.

There will be a Friday night where you drop your phone in his car. Upon routing for your phone you will find an empty condom wrapper. When you quiz him on it he will blame it on one of the lads that “must have dropped it there!”

Another night you will be having some painful stomach pains. It will be obvious and he will be aware as you are bent over in pain. As he will like to phrase it, he will “playfully jab” you with his hand into your stomach and tell you he’s sorry and that he didn’t mean it while crying, again. You will be in much more physical pain after that, as if you weren’t in enough.

Another night you will be getting ready to go out. He will complain all day about how he doesn’t want to go out. You will tell him that if he doesn’t want to go out that’s fine but that you are. While getting ready he will push you onto the bed and force sexual intercourse. You’ll tell him multiple times to stop & to get off you but he will choose to ignore you & carry on.

Afterwards, you will be sick to your stomach, upset, bleeding from the force & also hurt both emotionally & physically. He will cry, say he’s sorry & that he didn’t mean it. He will ask you why your angry & he will then decide not to speak to you even though you haven’t done anything wrong. A few years later you will see an amazing therapist & discuss what happened. Your therapist will tell you there’s a term for that, its called rape. You will defend him & makes excuses by saying he didn’t mean it like that only to remember that you did tell him to stop & to get off you, multiple times.

Unfortunately, your future therapist will tell you that he has committed another form of rape on a separate occasion whereby you were asleep & woke upto your shorts & underwear pulled down with his hand down there.

Your future self still won’t be okay after the last two above incidents I mentioned but your therapist will do their best to help & guide you through the permanent scars of the destruction he has left you with from the sexual assaults. You will only be able to tell a very small circle of people about these two incidents. Not all your family will know and not all your friends will know either as you will want to spare as many people as you possibly can from the sick truth. But that is what helps you for now & that’s okay too.

Nights out – you will walk on a ground of eggshells! You will dread the thought of breaking the news that you are heading out. You will give into not going out so many nights which future you will regret. You will be torn with words before a night out – “are you wearing that?” he will say as you step out in your absolute favourite outfit that makes you ooze confidence. He will remark on your appearance but not nicely. He will describe the appearance of his ideal girl to you, complete opposite of your appearance. He will flirt with other girls in front of you. He will grab other girls by the bum that he is friends with, right in front of you while he will shove his private area into another girls face as she sits on a path.

You will lose male friends because of him & he will try to demolish other male friendships too but won’t succeed with them ones. After ye break up, he will try to destroy your life with lies so that his can’t be destroyed with the truth, he will try his best to control how others see you.
I could go on for so much longer about all the things that will happen throughout this relationship & afterwards but unfortunately you already know the remainder of it that hasn’t been mentioned as you have lived it.

Fast forward to a few years later. You will still question why & what made him feel he had the right? Your angry at yourself for not having the courage to leave when you wanted to. But you also have understanding as to why you felt you couldn’t. The gaslighter and narcissist had you trapped, mentally & emotionally. But you are doing amazing now, so much better than you were then. Your free now and doing what you wants to do. Your therapist will point out to you that he had to end the relationship because you began to rebel against his demamds for a few weeks prior to the break up, you begin to give in and say I’m going out with my friends whenever I want, staying out all night cause that’s what I want,I’m going to talk to guy friends if I want to. You rebelling will be the best thing ever. Just wait and see!

Love, the happier future you! X

Grace Alice Sex And Relationships Educator

Thank you, I'll be in touch soon...


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What is a peer-to-peer support session?

Firstly, let us start with what the session is not! I am not a practicing sex therapist, sexologist, medical professional, psychotherapist, psychologist, counsellor, or mental health professional. Therefore, I do not provide medical advice (although I may recommend that you seek guidance from a medical professional if appropriate) or a therapy service.

Sex & Relationships Education is a separate field to these professions, and I employ my own unique approach based on my qualifications, training, and experience. I hold an undergraduate degree in Occupational Therapy and a Masters degree in Health Promotion. I have over six years experience working as a Sex & Relationships Educator and have undergone continuous professional development and training. I also studied empathy education as a UNESCO scholar, which informs my approach. Details of my qualifications and training are available on my LinkedIn page – please see the ‘About’ page also!

Within a session, I offer a confidential and safe space for discussion of various issues relating to relationships and sexuality. I strive for a relaxed, informal vibe, where you can chat about something that you have been struggling with. I can offer a friendly and non-judgemental listening ear, suggestions on how you can approach your own personal situation, general information on the related topic(s) and details of relevant professionals, support services and organisations (usually in a follow-up email). I can accommodate sessions relating to many topics relating to relationships and sexuality – including but not limited to body image, sexual communication, consent and boundaries, protection, anatomy, vaginismus, porn, STIs and STI stigma, healthy and unhealthy relationships, gender and sexuality, pleasure, arousal, desire, infidelity, break-ups, dating, and more.  I want my clients to feel relaxed, comfortable, and free to talk without fear or shame, like they would with a very close friend!

How does a Booking work?

In a nutshell, you can contact me via the booking page on this site and request a booking. If I decide that a session with me would be a good fit for you, I will contact you and arrange a time and date!

Here is the pricing for sessions;

Standard Session1 hour€50
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*A valid student I.D. must be presented.  

Please note that the session must be paid for in full at least 24 hours prior to the session, using the payment method and details I will provide to you in an email. If you do not have PayPal, we can arrange another form of payment (Revolut or bank transfer – please factor in the extra time it will take you to set up an account if needed or the possible delay in bank transfers, this may slightly affect the scheduling of your session).

Due to the nature of this service, I cannot offer any refunds for any reason during or after a session.

However, if you have paid and can no longer attend the scheduled session, I can offer you a full refund if you notify me of the cancellation at least 48 hours beforehand. If you wish to reschedule, please notify me at least 48 hours before the time of the scheduled session, and we can work something out!

Am I guaranteed to have a session?

Imay choose not to do a session with you if I feel that I am unable to offer support or education relating to your situation. I will contact you to let you know if I have decided that my service is not a good fit for you, and I will offer some suggestions regarding more suitable professionals/organisations/services to contact.

Although we may chat about lots of different things during a session, if someone has clearly not been truthful in the booking form about the topic area that want to discuss and appear to have an ulterior motive in booking the session, I may choose to end the session. The same rule applies to a situation where someone is clearly not who they have stated they are in the booking form. 

I cannot offer sessions to anyone under the age of 18 years. I may choose to ask you to present a copy of a valid form of I.D. if I feel that confirmation of age is needed. Requesting to book a session indicates that you are aged 18 years or over, and that you are being truthful in disclosing your age.

If I feel that someone is being disrespectful, offensive, or inappropriate, and I feel uncomfortable, I may choose to end the session. I may also end the session if I believe that it is being recorded.

Is it all confidential?


es! Confidentiality is essential to a service like this and I will do everything in my power on my end to protect it.

Here is what I will do on my end; I will abide by GDPR guidelines and make every effort to keep all personal information relating to sessions safe. Booking requests and emails with a form attached/included will be retained for no more than 1 year. The form may be printed, and I may take notes before, during and after the session either by hand or typed. Forms, notes, and USB key will all be stored in a locked file safe in my home office. All forms and notes (hard and soft copies) will be deleted and/or destroyed after one year.  I will send you a Zoom Meeting ID and password before the session using the email address you have given me. I will use headphones and will be alone in a private space during all sessions. All  records of calls and video calls will be deleted after one year.

Please be mindful of what you choose to share within the session. I have an obligation to break confidentiality and report to Tusla and/or the Gardaí any disclosures of child abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and other crimes.

Here is what you must do on your end! You must not screenshot, record and/or distribute any part of your session. It is also your responsibility to protect your privacy as much as you like on your end. This may include keeping your phone password-protected, using a non-identifiable email address that does not include your name, deleting correspondence, making sure you have a private space for your session where you will not be interrupted or overheard, etc.

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